outreach programme

outreach programme

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For any question please send us a message to londonttacademy@gmail.com

The Primary Schools that are part of our Outreach programme are:

Brodfields Primary School

London Academy Primary School

The Outreach Programme

Our club works with primary school children in order to provide a sociable way to stay active as well as welcoming community players to promote the joy of table tennis.

Through our highly motivated coaches in and around the borough, young children are engaged in table tennis; fun and enjoyable weekly sessions in primary schools help to  provide them with a basic knowledge of the sport along with the key understanding of technique .

Our primary school members are given opportunities to compete at beginner and intermediate level around the country. Furthermore, players are invited to join evening  community sessions as well as frequent holiday training camps held at London Academy.

If you would like to enrol a child into London Academy Primary school please see London Academy Primary Admissions.