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Secondary school/ Sixth form - Full time programme

The club is based in the London Academy School, which is a perfect transit for secondary school pupils from after school fun to a professional status in table tennis. Our coaches are able to mentor children and guide them through any difficulties they may be having through the power of sport.

London Academy provides academic studies for children from the age of 11-19. With the benefits of a large training hall of 20 tables, a smaller hall of 10 tables, a fitness studio and a gym, students at the club train diligently for up to 25 hours a week; given their high determination, along with the guidance of many coaches at the club, they are able to achieve national success while also studying full time.

Furthermore, pupils are given the opportunity to travel around Europe to take part in training camps and competitions; some of our players at London Academy have represented their home countries at international level.

At London Academy, we provide group training sessions, planned one-to-one coaching sessions and fitness sessions to ensure daily progress.

If you would like to enrol a child into London Academy Secondary school please see London Academy Secondary Admissions.

Primary school players

London Academy Primary School is part of the Outreach Programme; in joining our primary school, students become part of a large group of teammates that are given the joy of table tennis.

To find out more, visit our Outreach page.

If you would like to enrol a child into London Academy Primary school please see London Academy Primary Admissions.